• Image of DRAGON AF1 (48hrs ONLY)

100% Hand Painted.

A very specific technique and method of painting is used to ensure a durable product. The material is first treated and then painted in built up thin layers, before being sealed to be water resistant and safe to wear.

First 5 orders will also come with a hand painted box.

Worldwide delivery available. Items are bespoke made to order and will take around 4 weeks to deliver, items will be completed in order of purchase.

This is a very rare opportunity to purchase a hand painted piece by myself for a greatly reduced price, due to being able to complete them at a similar time. A bespoke order for similar detailed artwork would cost around £500-£1,000.

Each shoe is hand painted and therefore slightly unique, the main artwork is featured on one side of the shoe as pictured and the outer side of the other shoe is also painted with a slightly simpler design of the body of the dragon. All shoes are hand signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

(Saturday 29th September 6pm GMT - Monday 1st October 6pm)

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